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Not your average painting company...

Mental Health Painting Services.

The colors you choose for your walls can significantly influence your mood and behavior, creating changes that ultimately affect your entire life. That's why it's important to choose happy, positive, encouraging colors for your home, so it becomes a space that brings out the very best in you and your family.

Having a background in the mental health field allows us to mesh these two facets together. For those who are challenged with mental health or addiction on a daily basis, surrounding yourself with colors that help keep your mind at ease can make a vast improvement in your quality of life.

We specialize in working with clients to design their very own mental health spaces, wherever that may be. We are also excited to continue to educate and push for more colors in the halls and rooms of mental health and addiction treatment centers nationwide. 

3-Year Warranty

We stand behind our work so you have peace of mind.

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